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Our Approach

If you come to me seeking diagnostic clarity for yourself or your child, rest assured knowing I will conduct a high-quality psychological evaluation, the primary purpose of which is to help tell the story of the client.  Additionally, psychological evaluation will highlight the client's unique strengths and challenges, offer well-researched diagnostic clarity, and provide a range of individualized, best-practice treatment recommendations for moving forward.  Following each evaluation, I meet with the client (child, family, individual) to assure that the results are presented in a helpful and empowering manner. Done properly, I believe that the psychological evaluation process can be not only therapeutically relevant, but personally beneficial as each client leaves my office understanding a bit more about their own patterns and how best to support themselves.  

In regards to therapy services, I approach therapy from a client-centered, mindfulness-based perspective.  Using my professional training in a range of therapeutic modalities (including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child Parent Psychotherapy, Attachment, Regulation and Competency, and Trauma-Focused CBT) alongside my somatic vocabulary developed over my lifetime as a trained dancer, choreographer, and yoga instructor, I work with each client to determine a collaborative plan for working together.  Whether you are interested in learning skills for coping with anxiety and stress, need some parenting guidance for your high-energy child, or want to work on navigating the social landscape, please reach out and together, we can Empower Who You Are.

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