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Dr. Emily Haygeman

Hi, I'm Dr. Emily Haygeman, Psychologist and Owner of Empower Psychological Services.  I work as a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon and Utah. Through a range of modalities- including individual therapy, family therapy, and psychological evaluation, I offer opportunities for client empowerment. You will notice I do not mention services aimed at "fixing" a problem or "improving" yourself. That is because I believe that each of my clients already has, within and around them, the tools they need in order to heal. Where I come in is to offer my knowledge of "what works" based on the scientific evidence, alongside my compassionate approach to children, teens, young adults, and families.  

Who I Work With (not limited to): Neurodivergent and autistic individuals, children and teens dealing with anxiety and depression, those seeking diagnostic clarity through Psychological Evaluation.

Fees: $160/hr therapy rate

$250/hr psychological evaluation rate

I do not currently bill insurance, though I provide a Superbill which clients may submit to insurance for reimbursement.

Licensed Psychologist

Oregon #3239

Utah # 10399613-2501

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Natasha Laumei,

Hi, I’m Natasha Laumei, Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington. I offer compassionate, strengths-based, and collaborative therapy and assessment for individual adults. As a white, cis, queer, neurodivergent woman, I am so grateful to work with all my clients and recognize and respect the vulnerability, strength, and trust it takes to engage in the therapeutic relationship. I absolutely believe that mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing are a right and not a privilege, and seek to support all my clients in exploring opportunities for healing, growth, empowerment, and deepened quality of life.

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Alexis Eisenbrey, M.S.

Hi, my name is Alexis Eisenbrey. I am a psychometrist and administrative assistant at Empower Psychological Services. Under the direction of Dr. Haygeman, I administer neuropsychological assessments to children, adolescents, and adults with various referral questions. Like Dr. Haygeman, I take a compassionate and strength-based approach to assessment. My goal is to help individuals understand their unique strengths and challenges, while providing a positive assessment experience.  

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Tiona Wu 

Hello! I'm Tiona Wu, Client Care Coordinator at Empower Psychological Services. I work with Dr. Haygeman to facilitate social empowerment groups for neurodivergent teens, provide comprehensive information on autism resources to those seeking them, and assist where needed on psychological evaluations. I aim to reflect both the compassionate approach and scientific-evidence based values of Empower Psychological Services throughout all my work. 

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